Bit Mining

What is it? Bit Coin Mining, in the simplest of terms is converting power into money in the form of Bitcoins.  Bitcoins are electronic only and assigned to a number, not a person’s name or information.  This makes it great for secrecy, however, if you lose your account details, you will have no way to[…]

Learn about Computer Backups

Backups are probably the most important part of any computer system.  Unfortunately, backups are the most commonly forgotten part of a computer or IT plan. If you have important information, pictures of the kids, documents, taxes, etc. You need backups. Many options are available to backup your data, we will list a few in this[…]

Why you should avoid the ‘$250’ computer deal at your local store.

Computers and parts are continuing to get cheaper, faster and better. This is a true statement, to a point. Extremely low-cost computers are not cheap due to that statement, they are truly low-cost alternatives. These computers will run Windows, Office Applications and surf the web. However, they will be much slower and more likely to[…]