Server Management

Flat Rate full service server management for your office server.

What is it

Server management and support of your on-site server. Includes Secure cloud based backup of server data and ESET Antivirus File Server Edition.

What it includes

Onsite and Remote support for fast, efficient support on your schedule.

We will install specialized software to monitor and access your computer for problems and to assist with all your needs. This software includes secure offsite backup up to 1TB of storage, including changed and deleted files preserved up to 60 days.

Our server management service includes, our suite of tools, ESET Antivirus File Server License and secure offsite backup software to protect your data.

We will perform an initial audit and at least once a month audit of your server hardware and software,including updates to catch or resolve any potential issues and prevent unscheduled down time.

Our Layered Approach

Installation and proper use of a business grade Firewall
Installation and proper monitoring of Virus Protection
Installation and proper monitoring of website protection and filtering service
Monitoring and Reporting of IT infrastructure using Remote Access Tools
File and Folder level backups
Quick access to support services when needed at a flat rate