What is an IT Audit Report?

A computer and network report that gives your business an IT Score and provides quick introductory reports in the form of Infographics to help you understand if or why you need items that you score low on. To generate the report we will look at your IT environment across five main areas: Infrastructure, Security, Managed Support & Services and Telecommunications.

How is the Report generated?
We will schedule a 30-60minute onsite visit and then gather all required information. We will gather information by reviewing the physical equipment and if possible current bills and contracts. No software or hardware will be installed at your location. We will then generate a report similar to the attached, showing your current IT score and associated infographics as well as a proposed solution that will move your score as close as possible to 100% based on your IT budget.

Is there any purchase requirements?
NO, this report gives us a chance to get to know you and gives you the chance to get a quality third party report. You can then use this report any way you see fit.

About IT in the Bubble

Managed Computer, Network and Phone Solutions Provider

We are a Managed Computer, Network and Phone Solutions Provider located in Peachtree City, Georgia.  We support the South Metro Atlanta (Central Georgia) area.

We use a layered approach to support and secure the highest level of service.  We have a specific set of tools that provide central management, reporting and specifically designed for our industry so we are able to provide the highest level of support and monitoring.

Our Layered Approach...

  • Installation and proper use of a business grade Firewall
  • Installation and proper monitoring of Virus Protection
  • Installation and proper monitoring of website protection and filtering service
  • Monitoring and Reporting of IT infrastructure using Remote Access Tools
  • File and Folder level backups
  • Quick access to support services when needed at a flat rate


Tim is an not only a great person, but he also provides great service. You can really trust him with your business.

Jonathan Bordley

The customer service at IT in the Bubble is wonderful! They understand the importance of getting you back online, and work diligently and quickly to make it happen. We also use their Synched Tool service, and it is great in helping our store files for each user to see, anytime, anywhere.

Jami Latham

Company Name : T. W. Brown

Steadfast Properties uses IT in the Bubble. We love the services provided.

Sharon Barnett

Company Name : Steadfast Properties

IT in the Bubble and Tim have always provided excellent service for our company. As we have continued to grow, the solutions that Tim provides are always able to support our expansion. The self service portal for our VoIP phones works great and the support team is very responsive when we do have questions or need to upgrade our services. Tim has always gone out of his way to ensure we have a great experience every day with IT in the Bubble. I highly recommend Tim and his team!

Kevin Askew

Company Name : Efreight Solutions

A Better Way Moving really appreciates working with IT in the Bubble. They always respond quick and take really great care of us. We have worked with Tim for several years now and we are happy to recommend IT in the Bubble to others.

Lisa Neville

Company Name : A Better Way Moving

Tim, is great to work with. Always prompt and helps with any issue. I would highly recommend.

Keith Hall

Company Name : Efreight Solutions

Tim really knows his stuff when it comes to computers and IT setting up networks and phone systems I would really recommend Tim to anyone who needs the services

Brian King

Company Name : Tri-Copy Office Equipment
Designation : Salesman

IT in the Bubble has simplified all of my IT needs. Tim Brogdon is great to work with and is always available to help.

Gary Lawson

Company Name : Lawson and Beck
Designation : Owner

Tim is awesome what a great experience, anytime i need IT help i call them!

Wade Lester

Company Name : Wade Lester - Mr. Realtor
Designation : TeamREI

Tim has always been VERY quick to respond and solve any IT problems we have had. He listens to your issues/concerns, forms a plan, and takes care of business. I highly recommend him.

Keith Schachle

Company Name : Schachle Benefit Services
Designation : Owner